Welcome to my website

Hello and welcome to my website, I am Polarian. A high functioning autistic 17 year old Computer Science Student from the UK. I am the founder of Icebound Development, a software development organisation.

About Me

For many years I have been interested in STEM, my favourite subjects are chemistry and computer science. I am A OSS (Open Source Software) advocate, and a right to repair advocate. I believe science and knowledge should be available for all, without having to pay, and therefore, against the idea of proprietary software.

I run Arch Linux on my laptop for every day use, unlike a lot of linux users I do not duel boot, I stick to one os, and my dotfiles rarely change, I am quite rigid in my setup.

I love hosting applications, I host my own git repositories, websites, DNS server and other useful applications on a server which I maintain and upgrade myself. I am interested in software, hardware, networking and security

In the future I will be working on my own linux distribution called Little Blue Linux (lblinux) as part of the Icebound organisation. Lblinux will be built around speed, privacy friendly and open source.


Email: polarian@polarian.dev
Xmpp: polarian@polarian.dev

You can find my source code on my gitea instance.